Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back at it!

After over a year I'm back and posting again! With thanks to Dj to pushing me along of course.

In short time I'm planning an overhaul of the blog, focussing on a new layout and new content.  Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in the time to keep things updated with uni and all.

For now though here is a peak at some of the hobby I've done this past year and a preview of posts to come :)

Incursion Box Set

Incursion is plain and simple brilliant, it's a WWII alternate history board game similar in play style to Space Hulk. Nazi-Zombies and Allies in powered exoskeletons can only be interpreted as downright awesome!

Dj and I have been playing games on a fairly regular basis and can't get enough of it. Here is a sample of one of the allied minis beneath.

Incursion Grunt APE (WIP)

I've also started up a Skaven army. Slowly but surely as they say...

Skaven Clanrats (WIP)

And of course my Imperial Fists. Dreadnaught a few more steps along from before.

Imperial Fists Dreadnaught (WIP)

And my Ork Battlewagon, which is the most complete mini in my slowest army yet! I'll be posting a detailed breakdown of my Battlewagon conversion shortly. All you need is a Truck and a 'Wagon and you're good to go for some flat-bed, open-top, hit-and-run madness.

Converted Battlewagon (WIP)

Btw, expect some follow up posts of my Fists to come with a whole heap of updates including WIP Assault Terminators, Thunderfire Cannon, Landspeeder Storm, Tactical Squad, as well as completed Dreadnaught and Scouts.

Little Max


  1. Hey mate. Good to see some of your stuff up and the blog being used again. Much prefer the new layout. A bit of colour is always welcome and it ties in well with your Tau fleet image. When are we going to work on our bfg? Need some uni holidays I'd guess but that will be a good challenge and I think Cliff can help us out as he knows a bit about the game. That photo doesn't quite do your dread justice. We have to get our marine armies up to 1500 so we can get a decent game in.

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