Monday, August 22, 2011

Ogre Flesh

So I've recently decided to pick up my game and get cracking on some Ogres.

I figure that the main reason I never complete an army is because I get daunted by how much I have to do and end up getting distracted by something else before I finish anything.

Solution = An army that averages 45-50 points per model :)

If I'm lucky then my Ogres will actually be an attainable goal for me and give me something to game with while working on the fifty other army/projects I'm working on.

I was blown away by the new pics of the Ogres (a nice compilation on which is on Dave Taylor's Blog) and I decided to try out the flesh tones myself.

This is what I managed during the second hour of Underbelly last night:

I'll put up a full step by step after I finish off an entire 'mini' but here is the overview.

1:2      Warlock Purple:Calthan Brown (Flat base coat)
1:2:1   Warlock Purple:Calthan Brown:Tallarn Flesh (Feathered)
3:4:1   Chaos Black:Warlock Purple:Calthan Brown (Focussed wash in the crevasses between the muscles)
1:2:2   Warlock Purple:Calthan Brown:Tallarn Flesh (Feathered)
Fine Highlight - Tallarn Flesh (Feathered, very sparse)
Final Edge Highlight - Elf Flesh (4, maybe 5 strokes in total over the entire arm)

Let me know what you think. Any feedback would be great :)

Little Max

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back at it!

After over a year I'm back and posting again! With thanks to Dj to pushing me along of course.

In short time I'm planning an overhaul of the blog, focussing on a new layout and new content.  Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in the time to keep things updated with uni and all.

For now though here is a peak at some of the hobby I've done this past year and a preview of posts to come :)

Incursion Box Set

Incursion is plain and simple brilliant, it's a WWII alternate history board game similar in play style to Space Hulk. Nazi-Zombies and Allies in powered exoskeletons can only be interpreted as downright awesome!

Dj and I have been playing games on a fairly regular basis and can't get enough of it. Here is a sample of one of the allied minis beneath.

Incursion Grunt APE (WIP)

I've also started up a Skaven army. Slowly but surely as they say...

Skaven Clanrats (WIP)

And of course my Imperial Fists. Dreadnaught a few more steps along from before.

Imperial Fists Dreadnaught (WIP)

And my Ork Battlewagon, which is the most complete mini in my slowest army yet! I'll be posting a detailed breakdown of my Battlewagon conversion shortly. All you need is a Truck and a 'Wagon and you're good to go for some flat-bed, open-top, hit-and-run madness.

Converted Battlewagon (WIP)

Btw, expect some follow up posts of my Fists to come with a whole heap of updates including WIP Assault Terminators, Thunderfire Cannon, Landspeeder Storm, Tactical Squad, as well as completed Dreadnaught and Scouts.

Little Max