Saturday, April 10, 2010

Test Post from iPhone

Hey guys,

This has been done before though I must admit I have a bit more confidence this time around :)

I'm attempting another blog straight from my iPhone. This time however using a little app i found called BlogPress :)

I figured i'd throw in a pic of the new toys I'm getting from forge world in the next few days when I start up my tau bfg fleet!

Let's hope this post turns out a tad nicer than the last attempt haha

Little Max -- Post From My iPhone


  1. Hmm. Not half bad if I do say so myself.... $4 most definitely worth spending there :) and Dj I have you in mind with that comment :p

  2. Nice, Might need to check out that app, I found blogging direct from the iPhone a bit of a pain and not much of a time saver. Still the idea has legs

  3. Iphone rocks!

  4. Forgeworld is here!!! So Fleet in a Week?? Better get ready for it!!

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