Monday, March 22, 2010

Tau Battlesuit Conversion

Look guys,

I'm actually doing hobby and posting up some picts as proof!
I started this conversion not so long ago and finally finalised it all up.

I might add a tiny bit of detail to the side of the flamer barrels where they run next to the hand though I'm yet to make a final decision.
Painting of this mini won't be for a while as I still need to get a couple of test schemes out of the way on a fire warrior or two before I commit to something for this guy.

Total converting time on this suit was probably only about 4 hours though I'm extremely good at procrastinating and stretching this sort of time frame out to two weeks if need be :p

Now that I know what I'm doing I'll be sure to take the time to post a step-by-step tutorial on how to make on of these fellers with photos available to anyone that might be interested.

The bit that takes the longest is the assembly of the arms to the body and linking it all up with some guitar string,

Anyone that has used guitar string as a material before will know just how much it wants to spring straight back out and can do so with enough force to rip a pin reinforced arm right off a Battlesuit!
I'll reiterate this in my tutorial when it comes to pinning the flamer tubing to the arm as I found out the hard way that a simple pinning job just won't cut it!

Hope you like the picts!

Little Max


  1. Awesome work max. You just cracked that one out! Which one is that base you've got him on?

  2. Cool conversion... I like the way the longer weapons makes the suit look more balanced.

  3. Hope to see him at our Apoc game on Friday!!