Monday, January 25, 2010

Fisting up some Scouts

And so they are progressing...

I've finally got some pics of my scouts! :)

They have come along a bit since, so I'll be taking some photos of the completed minis some time in the near future :)

A couple of people also expressed a bit of interest in my yellow recipe so methinks I'll include that here too...

Here goes:
1. Iyanden Darksun (everywhere, a nice flat coat over everything, starting from white or black will come out the same but I use black as my base)

2. Gryphonne Sepia (wash heavily over everything to produce some nice shadows and yellow coloration)

3. 50/50 Iyanden Darksun/Gryphonne Sepia (layer over the dried wash and cover over most of the existing yellow, leaving a nice trasition between the wash and the new layer)

4. Iyanden Darksun (highlight broadly with this layer, grabbing almost all edges)

5. 50/50 Iyanden Darksun/Sunburst Yellow (highlight the top-facing edges of the armour)

6. Sunburst Yellow (final highlight around sharp edges and on the topmost surfaces of the armour for a nice, crisp yellow finish)

7. Admire the end result :)

Dj and I also did a fair chunk of hobby today, pushing out a number of tactical marines and doing some more touching up of my Chaplain in Terminator Armour.

I must say I really do enjoy having some Hobby Buddies to motivate me to get some hobby done!

Can't wait to have him finished up and ready for the table :)

Little Max

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Playing with my Fist's Bitz


First blog in a while so I'm trying something new! Testing out this blogging from my iPhone business and hopefully it'll work out ok :)

*amended* [failed horribly so I'm fixing it all up on a computer now :P]

Now, onto the bits we've all been waiting for (well I'd like to think some people out there like to wait for my blogs :P I know Dj-batman does at least)!

Despite being out of the blogging community for a couple of months I haven't stopped the hobby ball from rolling on. I managed to pump out a few minis, including having mostly finished my chaplain and polished off my dready!
Sadly I come to realise that starting a blog a week or so out of uni exams and starting a new job was probably not the best time to make promises of lots of shiny new toys for you all to enjoy :(... though now enough of my excuses and on to some classy and remorseless make-up/forgive me Sessions of Blogging ;)

I recently handled some rather interesting little bits... :) from GW that is (out of the gutter you)!
The other week i decided to buy each of the crimson fists bits packs to use on my yellow fellers to make them more like the fisty army they should be :)

The tank pack turned out surprisingly good actually. The bits weren't too oversized and had a great flat backside to them which was perfect for putting on a dreadnaught or tank :)

The end product is looking pretty promising :)
Particularly happy with the shoulder pads coming up with a bit more detail and I'm further trialing a tactical symbol mould on the right shoulder to add that tiny touch more detail to the flatness of the shoulders (Dj-batman suggested this to me so be sure to check out his Ultramarines too)!

More photos as they come :) and my scouties are nearly finished so keep an eye out for them...

Keep posted happy bloggers and more images shall follow in short order!

Little Max