Thursday, October 1, 2009

Renegade Guard!

The Renegades are marching forth!

My current work in progress (alternating between these and my Fists) is the draft 5 models for my Renegade Guard army, inspired by the absolutely incredible sculpts of the Renegade Guard Militia from Forge World. The Ogryns really did it for me but the command squad is sensational =] (I'll have one arriving via First Class British Airmail within the next 6 weeks if everything goes to plan!)

I've only painted up a couple, though I've built 5 and have one still needing a little bit of work before I'm happy with it. Dabbling with Chaos is new to me and the mix of Flagellants and Guard bitz are not always perfectly proportionate but they will do until I get some resin bitz =]

I appologise for the amateur photography and poor quality of the pics (all horribly washed out and a yummy yellow... Sadly the actual colour scheme doesnt show at all in these =[... Nokia N-Series phones just don't cut it for close up detail images). Better ones coming soon, I promise =] Dj Batman will me helping me out with that soon with some luck!

All painting and construction work has taken place today and last thurs =]

Hope you enjoy the mini's... Definitely more of these coming in short order! Only a sampler pic this evening =] in a bit of a rush...

Little Max


  1. Welcome to the Renegade Guard! It is one of the best armies out there right now IMHO. I have droped most of my other IG projects to work on my own renegade force. FW put out just an awesome line of these guys. Good luck with your army.

  2. Nice conversions there, I particularly like the lasgun used as a club.

    While my Blood Pact aren't traitor guard, since they were never under the heel of imperial scum, I do keep an eye on blogs like yours for all the little tricks people come up with. Looking forward to more pics!