Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Renegade Army List

Thought I'd put up a sample 1500 pts army list so you can all see where I'm thinking of heading with this army =]

Only preliminary and very subject to change. I wanted to have lots of core troops and combine the infantry squads in all my platoons (giving them just the one commissar, one vox and 2 flamers per 20-man squad).

note: I plan to rename all entries to something suitably more chaos but for now the generic guard names will suffice for easier understanding.

        Company Command Squad
        Regimental Standard
        Carapace Armour
        Heavy Flamer
                                                                140 pts

        Psyker Battle Squad
        additional Psykers (x5)
        [model it up as a slave wagon, chains, bars etc]
                                                                165 pts

        Storm Trooper Squad
        additional Storm Troopers (x5)
        Flamer (x2)
                                                                175 pts

        Infantry Platoon (I)
        Platoon Command Squad
        Flamer (x2)
        Infantry Squad

        Infantry Squad
        Heavy Weapons Squad (Mortars)
                                                                255 pts

        Infantry Platoon (II)
        Platoon Command Squad
        Flamer (x2)
        Infantry Squad

        Infantry Squad
        Heavy Weapons Squad (Missile Launchers)
                                                                255 pts

Fast Attack:
        Hellhound Squadron
        Hellhound (x1)
                                                                 130 pts

Heavy Support:
        Leman Russ Squadron
        Leman Russ Battle Tank (x2)
        Pair of Plasma Cannon Sponsons (x2)
        [this unit is the one thing I'm really unsure about]
                                                                380 pts

Let me know what you think =]
Open to all suggestions and ideas especially if they involve getting the army more into theme!


Little Max


  1. why unsure on the tanks? they are good, and always work well.
    IMO, the only unsure thing is: Medi-pack in the command squad, I always try to get those points as a last coice, if u have points leftover.
    Good list. :-)

  2. Just wasn't sure if the set out was right. Very costly to put those plasma cannons up but I think they'd be worth it considering the new lumbering behemoth rules.
    I like the idea of my command squad being so rough and junked up on stimms that they've got feel no pain =P
    Though its either that or throw in another flamer into my platoon command squads and infantry squads...
    hmmm, flamers are quite a tempting opt...

  3. id definitely keep the medi packs in the HQ. your HQ theme wise is the only thing holding your army together and so should be more robust and hardy than the rest of the army. they also would be awesome as stimm junkies!! you gotta model up one or two of them with stimms just lining his spine and filling him up with crazy strength, etc...

    why the question about tanks? when a guard army or world turns traitor its usually just about everyone who does. sure there are exceptions but really it would be the tank crews that fall as well. as long as you make your tanks suitably chaosy and rusted and corrupted then all is good!

    plus those plasma cannons make them a bit more scary and since you have no melta in your army i dont think many people would whinge about it! Id play it/will play it :D

    for theme id almost be tempted to turn the hell hound into a chem spewing bane wolf. nothing more scary than toxic gasses ignoring saves here and there. but flame does seem to be a theme in your army so maybe the hell hound is better??

  4. From a balance standpoint I don't see a lot of tank busting. You're set for flame work though.

    From a fluff perspective I've never been a fan of Commissars in a renegade army. Obviously they wouldn't be real commissars, but it's their discipline that separates the renegades from the Imperium in my mind. Unless you're going for a Sons of Sek themed army from the Gaunt's Ghosts series. Anakwanar Sek based his enforcers on Imperial commissars after all.

  5. That was pretty much exactly what I was aiming for with the commissar "enforcers" =]
    I'm ordering some from forge world to use as the commissar models and almost all my renegade inspiration comes from Abnett.
    I also recently saw the new Skaven Doom Wheel and I'm thinking if any sentinels come up in my army I'm going to convert up some of those rolling light tanks from "His Last Command".

    As for tank busting I did realise there was a problem there.
    Hoping that the missile launcher heavy weapons team can do something... Though I might need to work some alternative in as it probably wont be qiute enough.
    Not sure what to use though so if you've any ideas I'm open to suggestions =]

  6. Doesn't the psychic battle squad have a tank killing power?? Also the Leman Russ battle tanks and with their plasma cannons should be able to help out wont they?

  7. The battle cannon shots, the full strength psyker blast and the 3 missile launchers are the main anti-tank of the list. The 3 missile launchers are fragile however, and the plasma cannons will only help against light armor. The battle cannons are good but top out at 14 and the psykers have to roll to cast their power and it's range is 36" I believe.

    Meltaguns or meltabombs would help control the field by terrorizing the tanks that would otherwise love to rampage through the chaos lines. I'd also split the Leman Russ squadron to help with anti-tank and stop a vendetta or warwalker squad from killing both with one volly.

  8. Thanks =]
    I'll take that into consideration.
    Splitting the tanks up is a good idea though. For some odd reason I didn't really think of that =P

    Gonna put the renegades on hold for about 2 months though...
    Dj-Batman and I are doing a quick army challenge to get at least 1000 pts out by Feb1 and I wont be able to meet that with my Guard. So back to the Yeller-Fellers in power armour for me!