Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Toys!

Just thought I'd share my new toys with everyone =]

Got them in today! Can't wait to get cracking on them and have a bit of fun.

Got in a new Command squad, Tactical squad, Thunderfire Cannon, Assault Squad (for legs) and of course the all important and shiney Codex: Space Marines! =]

Hopefully some assembled on Wednesday (taking a days break from study) then more coming the following friday and onwards!

Enjoy (I know I sure will),

Little Max


  1. What will you use the assaulty legs for? Made me curious:)

    You don't happen to want to get rid of a few beaky heads btw? I normally don't use them but they go oh so well with the assault marines and I am short one beak for my squad *sniffs*.

    Yes I should find a bits service:)

  2. Why running legs of course =]
    Gonna use them in with squads, mostly for sergeants I think...
    Have some nice dynamic poses mixed in with command squad bits. I got the assault squad and the command squad pretty much just for shiny things =P

    Haha, not sure about the beaky heads =P could be a bit of effort to send just the one head all the way to Minnesota =P