Monday, October 12, 2009

Imperial Fists Army List

I know, army list madness...

I promise some pretty pics soon though! Got my Scouts and Dreadnaught in Dj's studio for some WIP shots =]

Btw, for those that haven't heard... Imperial Fists novel! Looking forward to having one in my hands and getting all inspired for my Fists! =] Never heard of the author but the cover artwork is rad =] gotta love Scouts in yellow! =P

Here's a prelim 1000 pts army list for my Imperial Fists. Its not entirely in theme yet (really hard to manage with smaller SM lists but the 1500 and 2000 pts lists will be closer to what I want) =]

In the end I think I want to have an Ordo Xenos Librarian with a "Deathwatch" Sternguard Veterans unit.

Sorta theming it as Ordo Xenos has requisitioned a detachment from the Imperial Fists 5th Company to aid in a Xenos threat campaign (fortifying their command points etc). Figured it could be fun and lets me fiddle around with some cool conversions. Initial list doesn't reflect this theme at all but its units I want to take and gives me something playable in the meanwhile =]

        Terminator Armour
        Melta Bombs
                                                                135 pts

        Assault Terminator Squad
                                                200 pts

        Scout Squad
        Additional Scouts (x5)
        Heavy Bolter
        Boltguns (x4)
        Shotguns (x3)
        Combat Blade (x2)
                                                150 pts

        Tactical Squad
        Additional Marines (x5)
        Plasma Cannon
        Melta Gun
        Power Weapon
        Teleport Homer
                                                210 pts

Fast Attack:
        Assault Squad
        Plasma Pistol
        Power Fist
        Storm Shield
                                                155 pts

        Land Speeder Storm
                                                50 pts

Heavy Support:
        Thunderfire Cannon
                                                100 pts

Assault marine squad is not quite something I'm all too happy with in the army as it's quite points heavy and mostly useless unless it's a 10-man unit. Shouldn't take too long to build up and paint considering it's only 44 models compared to the 80 odd in my guard =P

Pics of my scouts and dread, along with my painting recipes will be up shortly =]

Dj and I are working on our respective marine armies and should have the 1000 pts completed and table ready by Feb 1, 2010! Keep a look out for our game and pics of teh completed Imperial Fists and Ultramarines armies together on the table top!

As always, comments and suggestions to the list are most welcome =] especially from any experienced marine players as this is my first marine army!


Little Max


  1. I'm not sure I'd call it a photo studio but ok, thanks!! :D

  2. Your assault squad is pretty tooled up there. Maybe a few more of them rather than having a storm shield and such? Might be off on that one, just an idea. I just happen to really like the models:). Also if you want to you can loose the jetpacks and get a free transport. Don't know how popular that is, but it sounds nifty to me:)

    Another idea is to skip then and add another storm and tool the both of them up with meltas. Bring some hurt in:) Also just a though. I love the storms as a concept, no idea how they perform:)

    Really look forward to seeing them painted. Always a bit extra excited when there are pictures of Imperial Fists around:)

  3. Thank =] yea, might have a think about that. I want to get it on the table so right now I'm using everything there because it saves me painting more than I need to (and they don't take a short amount of time to paint =P).
    Depending on how I go for time then I might change things around a bit.
    I like the idea of another speeder though. They're rad minis and look awesome on the tabletop.
    Cheers for the comments and suggestions though =] keeps me thinking!