Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Toys!

Just thought I'd share my new toys with everyone =]

Got them in today! Can't wait to get cracking on them and have a bit of fun.

Got in a new Command squad, Tactical squad, Thunderfire Cannon, Assault Squad (for legs) and of course the all important and shiney Codex: Space Marines! =]

Hopefully some assembled on Wednesday (taking a days break from study) then more coming the following friday and onwards!

Enjoy (I know I sure will),

Little Max

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Yellow Ones!

They're yellow, and they're thoroughly on their way to the tabletop!

I've finally got myself some decent pictures to put up today =] thanks to DJ

So today methinks I might show off my dreadnought w/ flamer WIP.

I've got everything up a bit further that they're shown here and hopefully will have a full 3 units up and running about in no time! =]

I've got my Scouts on their way too, though I might save that post for a couple of days =]

Can't wait to get my hands on my Thunderfire cannon though! Hopefully have that and my Terminators within the next couple of weeks =]

Hope you all enjoy,

Little Max

Monday, October 12, 2009

Imperial Fists Army List

I know, army list madness...

I promise some pretty pics soon though! Got my Scouts and Dreadnaught in Dj's studio for some WIP shots =]

Btw, for those that haven't heard... Imperial Fists novel! Looking forward to having one in my hands and getting all inspired for my Fists! =] Never heard of the author but the cover artwork is rad =] gotta love Scouts in yellow! =P

Here's a prelim 1000 pts army list for my Imperial Fists. Its not entirely in theme yet (really hard to manage with smaller SM lists but the 1500 and 2000 pts lists will be closer to what I want) =]

In the end I think I want to have an Ordo Xenos Librarian with a "Deathwatch" Sternguard Veterans unit.

Sorta theming it as Ordo Xenos has requisitioned a detachment from the Imperial Fists 5th Company to aid in a Xenos threat campaign (fortifying their command points etc). Figured it could be fun and lets me fiddle around with some cool conversions. Initial list doesn't reflect this theme at all but its units I want to take and gives me something playable in the meanwhile =]

        Terminator Armour
        Melta Bombs
                                                                135 pts

        Assault Terminator Squad
                                                200 pts

        Scout Squad
        Additional Scouts (x5)
        Heavy Bolter
        Boltguns (x4)
        Shotguns (x3)
        Combat Blade (x2)
                                                150 pts

        Tactical Squad
        Additional Marines (x5)
        Plasma Cannon
        Melta Gun
        Power Weapon
        Teleport Homer
                                                210 pts

Fast Attack:
        Assault Squad
        Plasma Pistol
        Power Fist
        Storm Shield
                                                155 pts

        Land Speeder Storm
                                                50 pts

Heavy Support:
        Thunderfire Cannon
                                                100 pts

Assault marine squad is not quite something I'm all too happy with in the army as it's quite points heavy and mostly useless unless it's a 10-man unit. Shouldn't take too long to build up and paint considering it's only 44 models compared to the 80 odd in my guard =P

Pics of my scouts and dread, along with my painting recipes will be up shortly =]

Dj and I are working on our respective marine armies and should have the 1000 pts completed and table ready by Feb 1, 2010! Keep a look out for our game and pics of teh completed Imperial Fists and Ultramarines armies together on the table top!

As always, comments and suggestions to the list are most welcome =] especially from any experienced marine players as this is my first marine army!


Little Max

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Renegade Army List

Thought I'd put up a sample 1500 pts army list so you can all see where I'm thinking of heading with this army =]

Only preliminary and very subject to change. I wanted to have lots of core troops and combine the infantry squads in all my platoons (giving them just the one commissar, one vox and 2 flamers per 20-man squad).

note: I plan to rename all entries to something suitably more chaos but for now the generic guard names will suffice for easier understanding.

        Company Command Squad
        Regimental Standard
        Carapace Armour
        Heavy Flamer
                                                                140 pts

        Psyker Battle Squad
        additional Psykers (x5)
        [model it up as a slave wagon, chains, bars etc]
                                                                165 pts

        Storm Trooper Squad
        additional Storm Troopers (x5)
        Flamer (x2)
                                                                175 pts

        Infantry Platoon (I)
        Platoon Command Squad
        Flamer (x2)
        Infantry Squad

        Infantry Squad
        Heavy Weapons Squad (Mortars)
                                                                255 pts

        Infantry Platoon (II)
        Platoon Command Squad
        Flamer (x2)
        Infantry Squad

        Infantry Squad
        Heavy Weapons Squad (Missile Launchers)
                                                                255 pts

Fast Attack:
        Hellhound Squadron
        Hellhound (x1)
                                                                 130 pts

Heavy Support:
        Leman Russ Squadron
        Leman Russ Battle Tank (x2)
        Pair of Plasma Cannon Sponsons (x2)
        [this unit is the one thing I'm really unsure about]
                                                                380 pts

Let me know what you think =]
Open to all suggestions and ideas especially if they involve getting the army more into theme!


Little Max

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Renegade Guard!

The Renegades are marching forth!

My current work in progress (alternating between these and my Fists) is the draft 5 models for my Renegade Guard army, inspired by the absolutely incredible sculpts of the Renegade Guard Militia from Forge World. The Ogryns really did it for me but the command squad is sensational =] (I'll have one arriving via First Class British Airmail within the next 6 weeks if everything goes to plan!)

I've only painted up a couple, though I've built 5 and have one still needing a little bit of work before I'm happy with it. Dabbling with Chaos is new to me and the mix of Flagellants and Guard bitz are not always perfectly proportionate but they will do until I get some resin bitz =]

I appologise for the amateur photography and poor quality of the pics (all horribly washed out and a yummy yellow... Sadly the actual colour scheme doesnt show at all in these =[... Nokia N-Series phones just don't cut it for close up detail images). Better ones coming soon, I promise =] Dj Batman will me helping me out with that soon with some luck!

All painting and construction work has taken place today and last thurs =]

Hope you enjoy the mini's... Definitely more of these coming in short order! Only a sampler pic this evening =] in a bit of a rush...

Little Max

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fisting Action!

My Imperial Fist army is underway!

After 3 years of inaction and not managing to even complete a single squad things are looking up.

During my last block of uni holidays I finally finished off the first squad to make it into my Imperial Fist army. Proof? =] Pics of the 5-man Assault Squad:

(Sadly, GW repackaged the assault marines and showed a very pretty Thunder Hammer on the sergeant... They lied =[ so i settled for a nice shiny Power Fist instead)

Hopefully more to come during my Christmas break =] I've got a squad of Scouts with shotguns underway, though my next project seems to be impeding a little on my Imperial forces...


Little Max

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Blog Begins

Hello all,

I believe the inaugural blog should be one rich in meaning, deep and profound even...

That being said, let's all hope that my future blogs will be an improvement on this one =]


Little Max