Thursday, March 8, 2012

Forge World Toys

Hello all,

Decided it's about time to post up some new picts.
I went rummaging through my toys and came across all my older forge world orders and figured I should actually build some of it. Here are the results:

BFG Tau Fleet

Tau Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark with Dreadnaught for size comparisson

Ork Runtbot

Finished Imperial Fists Termies

The Tigershark is MASSIVE and they want me to mount it on the little black base (Valkyrie base) that I included in the shot. Only took 4 hours and buckets of ZAP but it's finished.

Little Max

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ogre Flesh

So I've recently decided to pick up my game and get cracking on some Ogres.

I figure that the main reason I never complete an army is because I get daunted by how much I have to do and end up getting distracted by something else before I finish anything.

Solution = An army that averages 45-50 points per model :)

If I'm lucky then my Ogres will actually be an attainable goal for me and give me something to game with while working on the fifty other army/projects I'm working on.

I was blown away by the new pics of the Ogres (a nice compilation on which is on Dave Taylor's Blog) and I decided to try out the flesh tones myself.

This is what I managed during the second hour of Underbelly last night:

I'll put up a full step by step after I finish off an entire 'mini' but here is the overview.

1:2      Warlock Purple:Calthan Brown (Flat base coat)
1:2:1   Warlock Purple:Calthan Brown:Tallarn Flesh (Feathered)
3:4:1   Chaos Black:Warlock Purple:Calthan Brown (Focussed wash in the crevasses between the muscles)
1:2:2   Warlock Purple:Calthan Brown:Tallarn Flesh (Feathered)
Fine Highlight - Tallarn Flesh (Feathered, very sparse)
Final Edge Highlight - Elf Flesh (4, maybe 5 strokes in total over the entire arm)

Let me know what you think. Any feedback would be great :)

Little Max

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back at it!

After over a year I'm back and posting again! With thanks to Dj to pushing me along of course.

In short time I'm planning an overhaul of the blog, focussing on a new layout and new content.  Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in the time to keep things updated with uni and all.

For now though here is a peak at some of the hobby I've done this past year and a preview of posts to come :)

Incursion Box Set

Incursion is plain and simple brilliant, it's a WWII alternate history board game similar in play style to Space Hulk. Nazi-Zombies and Allies in powered exoskeletons can only be interpreted as downright awesome!

Dj and I have been playing games on a fairly regular basis and can't get enough of it. Here is a sample of one of the allied minis beneath.

Incursion Grunt APE (WIP)

I've also started up a Skaven army. Slowly but surely as they say...

Skaven Clanrats (WIP)

And of course my Imperial Fists. Dreadnaught a few more steps along from before.

Imperial Fists Dreadnaught (WIP)

And my Ork Battlewagon, which is the most complete mini in my slowest army yet! I'll be posting a detailed breakdown of my Battlewagon conversion shortly. All you need is a Truck and a 'Wagon and you're good to go for some flat-bed, open-top, hit-and-run madness.

Converted Battlewagon (WIP)

Btw, expect some follow up posts of my Fists to come with a whole heap of updates including WIP Assault Terminators, Thunderfire Cannon, Landspeeder Storm, Tactical Squad, as well as completed Dreadnaught and Scouts.

Little Max

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Test Post from iPhone

Hey guys,

This has been done before though I must admit I have a bit more confidence this time around :)

I'm attempting another blog straight from my iPhone. This time however using a little app i found called BlogPress :)

I figured i'd throw in a pic of the new toys I'm getting from forge world in the next few days when I start up my tau bfg fleet!

Let's hope this post turns out a tad nicer than the last attempt haha

Little Max -- Post From My iPhone

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tau Battlesuit Conversion

Look guys,

I'm actually doing hobby and posting up some picts as proof!
I started this conversion not so long ago and finally finalised it all up.

I might add a tiny bit of detail to the side of the flamer barrels where they run next to the hand though I'm yet to make a final decision.
Painting of this mini won't be for a while as I still need to get a couple of test schemes out of the way on a fire warrior or two before I commit to something for this guy.

Total converting time on this suit was probably only about 4 hours though I'm extremely good at procrastinating and stretching this sort of time frame out to two weeks if need be :p

Now that I know what I'm doing I'll be sure to take the time to post a step-by-step tutorial on how to make on of these fellers with photos available to anyone that might be interested.

The bit that takes the longest is the assembly of the arms to the body and linking it all up with some guitar string,

Anyone that has used guitar string as a material before will know just how much it wants to spring straight back out and can do so with enough force to rip a pin reinforced arm right off a Battlesuit!
I'll reiterate this in my tutorial when it comes to pinning the flamer tubing to the arm as I found out the hard way that a simple pinning job just won't cut it!

Hope you like the picts!

Little Max

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tau Suit Conversion - WIP

Hey everyone!

I've been away from the blogosphere for some time now but that doesn't mean that the hobby ball has stopped rolling!

I've been working pretty hard on my Imperial fists lately and decided it was time for a bit of a break, so I decided to start working on my next major army project - Tau :)

(Prototype Battlesuit with Twin-Linked Flamer + Missile Pod)

I've always been a Tau player at heart ever since they landed in 2001 though ever since Forge World started releasing new Battlesuits I realised the inadequacies of the standard 'blockiness' of the 'off the shelf' Tau Suits.
I've seen many Suit conversions over the years and only a handful of those 'Tyranid-to-Imperial Guard' bit bashed minis took my fancy as actually looking any good.

One of the suits that stood out to me was a conversion by Tael where he quite nicely streamlined the XV8 Jet Pack.

(Converted "Stealth XV8" by Tael)

I'm attempting to replicate this style of streamlined Jet Pack into my XV8 Twin-Linked Flamer team though making my own modifications to the rest of the Suit including scratch built Flamers (I really dislike the standard flamers in the box).

(Prototype Head)

Hopefully he'll be finished some time soon with another two to follow him :)
Keep posted as I'll be putting up a conversion guide after i finish my prototype and have the willpower to slow down and take a photo for each step of Suit no. 2 :)

Little Max

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Buying too many toys?

Who loves new toys?

I must admit to everyone that buying new toys is possibly my biggest vice.
Whether it's the new Space Marines that have come out, going back to my all time favourite Tau or spending copious amounts of cash on the latest and shiniest Apple iPad (when it comes out... I'm giddy like a school-girl over that one :p), I always end up with piles of odds and sods that I almost never get around to using!

That being said, I'd like to believe that almost every hobbyist out there suffers from similar symptoms :p

Just the other day I decided to get myself an inordinate amount of Tau, just in preparation for when I finish my Fists (which isn't looking to be a terribly nearby date)!

Many hundreds of dollars later I think I've finally discovered the real benefits of setting myself goals before I start the spending. Painting/Hobby goals and Army Lists in particular really help to ensue I don't end up turning too much cash into bits that I wont ever use.

Really think about what you're buying and whether or not you'll actually use it for something.

To really sum it all up: thinking before you buy will reduce the expansion of your 'bitz box' and increase the space used up in all those empty cases lying around your room! :)

Dj and I are really trying to push this in our own way of thinking and so far it seems to be getting those toys out of their boxes :)

Little Max